Wine & Pop is working a huge project, and we need your help!

I don’t want to give too much away right now, but by the end of summer 2012, I hope to start a potentially giant project, and I would love help from the community. Once the project is revealed, it will make sense why. So, right now, I need two things:

1) Do you know how to design a great website & want to help? Or do you know of a great online tutorial I can use? This project has to have a great website if it’s going to be big, so I would love any web designers/graphic designers interested to e-mail me at

2) I need some positive jams. Songs that inspire you, pump you up, and promote happiness, without being ironic or terrible. Songs like the one above, “Be You” by E-40. What songs fill your heart with joy, make you walk down the street with a purpose, or inspire you to do great things?

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